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Professional Team

Being a family business, you'll witness our pride for the name of our business firsthand. Come do business with us with the expectation of a warm welcome to the family, and you'll be treated as such!

Creative & Original


Quality Materials

Hands down, every time we have had customers buy flooring without professional guidance, they got con'd into low-quality flooring. We do the research, and we handle these materials every day (as well as the repairs). We will give you members only access to a flooring supplier that DOES NOT sell low-quality materials, plus whole-sale pricing! We work with them because we can trust we won't be needing to come back in a month for repairs. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Industry Expertise



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*We have recently fallen a little behind on asking our customers for reviews once our jobs have been completed! Will be updated soon. We are currently needing more reviews on Google and have not asked for any on our Facebook page yet, so if you are one of our satisfied customers, please help us out wherever you'd like! And of course, word of mouth, since the dawn of business time has always been the best method!

Meet Our Team

This is our Team section. It's a great place to introduce our team and talk about what makes it special...



Michael Jamison - Owner and Lead Flooring Expert

Rene Jamison - H.R.

Camden Nicholson - Business Analyst and Jr. Flooring Expert

Anna Nicholson - Social Media Manager

Team descriptions

Mike Jamison, Jamison Flooring's treasured founder, owner, and lead expert, has had over 35 years of experience in the flooring industry. He's done anything from major commercial projects like YMCAs, schools, and hotels to any aspect of your home. Having worked with large commercial teams for a long time, he has moved on to continue residential work from a home-base closer to his heart. With him leading our team, you are guaranteed to have your project installed right. He calls for quality finished work for the satisfaction of the customer and his own heart for ingeniously elegant results. Training his grandson in the trade, he aspires to maintaining quality by example, hoping to leave his business in good, trustworthy hands when he retires in the years to come.

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